Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar


Welcome to the Photo Gallery of the Kendler-Gram-Belling trip to

Tanzania in February 2011.



Arusha, Tanzania

Manyara National Park

Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Lions, lions and more lions



Mount Kilimanjaro




Day 1 Travel: Seattle, Amsterdam, Kilimanjaro
Day 2 3 Arusha (Lush Garden)
Day 4 Lake Manyara National Park (Losirwa Tented Lodge)
Day 5 6 Oldupai Gorge, Serengeti (Seronera Wildlife Lodge)
Day 7 Ngorongoro Crater (Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge)
Day 8 Arusha (Lush Garden)
Day 9 Moshi (Keys Hotel)
Day 10  Mount Kilimanjaro, Marangu Route to Mandara Huts
Day 11 To Horombo Huts
Day 12 Acclimatization day at Horombo Huts
Day 13 To Kibo Huts and summit at midnight
Day 14 Return to Horombo Huts
Day 15 Back to Moshi
Day 16 The Bellings fly to Rwanda to see the gorillas. Michael and Joyce fly to Zanzibar.
Day 17 19 Zanzibar Town (Zenji Hotel). The Bellings rejoin us.
Day 20 22 Matemwe Beach (Matemwe Beach Village)
Day 23 Home from Matemwe to Zanzibar Town to Dar Es Salaam to Addis Ababa to Frankfurt to Vancouver (44 hours)



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